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Intro to the Gaijin Survival Guide | Beginner's Guide to Japan

Hi, I'm Cody. My wife Maisi and I are moving to Japan for a year while I teach English for the Japanese public school system. Over in Japan we will be gaijin, or non-natives. Having lived in Japan before, I will teach Maisi what she needs to know to survive while living as a gaijin. For example, things such as simple phrases, cultural nuances, and the Japanese way of life in general. Whether traveling to or staying in the country for a longer period of time, knowing how to "do as the Romans" is invaluable. Throughout our stay in Japan, we will post instructional videos containing information about the language, culture, and Japanese way of life. We will teach you what a gaijin really does need to know in order to respect the Japanese people and culture.

Arrival In Japan | The Gaijin Survival Guide

Usuki Location Map

Maisi and I have moved to a city called Usuki (臼杵) on the island of Kyushu, the southernmost of the four main islands that make up Japan. Usuki city, located on the eastern shore of Kyushu, falls within the Oita prefectural boundaries. For both natural and historic highlights, Japan doesn't get better than Usuki.

Usuki was one of the first places Europeans landed, making this an exciting place to operate the Gaijin Survival Guide . On April 19th, 1600, a Dutch vessel landed on a small island just off the shore of Usuki, the first time the Dutch came to Japan. And certainly one of the first times gaijin had come to Japan. This early contact provided a path for Holland to be the only western country that Japan traded with for over two centuries. Also, a Japanese warlord who converted to Christianity after the arrival of the gaijin built a castle, now located in the center of town.

Usuki is most famous for over 60 stone Buddhas in one location. Several of them are quite large. Now designated as Japanese nation treasures, these unique sculptures carved from stone are covered in the ash of a volcano in the middle of Kyushu.

From caves  and mineral hot springs to castle ruins and stone Buddhas, Usuki has something for everyone.

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